Finding Safety Within
through Horse Wisdom

What you'll get:

• Private Coaching with Lisa

         Begin and sustain your experience with private coaching from
 Lisa Murrell, founder of Equine Alchemy.

• Luxury Retreat Accommodations

          Experience truly unplugging in the natural preserve. 

           With gorgeous rolling hills and views that go on for miles, you will experience the pressures of the world fade away into the backdrop of the
Birdsong Desert Retreat.

• Al Fresco Dining

          Dig + Serve is creating delicious sustainable meal 
          experiences throughout the retreat.

                    Scrumptious lunches plus Welcome and Celebration dinners al fresco,
 using only the freshest, quality ingredients to create the nutrition
you need for deep personal work.

• Curated workshops to deepen your Experience

          Goal and vision setting, creating habits and routines, all   
          workshops are optional, and designed for today's biggest                  challenges and painpoints.

          Intimate, exclusive mini-workshops, with guest facilitators and coaches with and            without the horses designed to provide deep exploration and transformation.

• Downtime When You Need It

          Blocks of unscheduled time where you can do whatever you 
          want! Choose from hikes, shopping excursions, art projects, 
          board games or outdoor games. Or take a nap. Or read a
          book. Or stare at the horizon. Whatever you want!

          Blocks of unscheduled time where you can do whatever you want! Take a nap, read a book or just sit and enjoy the warm Arizona desert in winter.

          S'mores by the fire, live music, craft coffee and tea bar, 
          celebrations and rituals. Bring some joy back into your life!

Reach out to with any questions or concerns!

Remember the specific agenda is subject to change.

Four Payments of 
$840 USD

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