Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs 
Horse Wisdom

An IN-PERSON experience with the horses…
exploring your self made obstacles to the life and work you want through the magic horses offer humans!

*Approved Equine Alchemy International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Programming.
*Approved Eponaquest introductory workshop and 16 ICF CEU’s.

This is a deep transformational experience that you will never forget.

Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs’ allows for a full immersion into the power of Equine Facilitated Learning.   

You see, the gap between your current reality and the life you desire to live lies within your relationship to yourself.

Transform this relationship
and you’ll transform your life!!!

Designed for you who…

  • Yearns for profound insight into their behaviors, assumptions and beliefs and how they impact their lives.
  • Has always wanted to just have a one time experience with the horses to see what’s it’s all about.
  • Wonders if Equine Assisted Coaching and or Equine Facilitation is the right career path for them.
  • ​Seeks professional continuing education credits through an extraordinary life experience.

You will...

  • Use emotion as information.
  • Access a more authentic, creative presence.
  • Recognize and move beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns.
  • ​Explore Setting Boundaries: establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal space.
  • ​Learn how to use a Body Scan: using the body as a sensing device.
  • ​Experience hands-on activities with horses as guides.
  • ​Developing essential skills for building Authentic Community.

Your experience is 3 days in Tucson, AZ!

Here’s what it looks like…

  • Begin around 8:30.
  • Experiences with and without the horses.
  • Lunch on your own.
  • ​Experiences with and without the horses.
  • ​Closing around 4:30 depending upon the heat, cold and light.

Each moment is designed to very gradually increase your awareness and presence so that you and the horses are on the same page! We use specific tools and experiences that you can take home and begin using immediately!

“Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs“ 2022

Investment $650

Tucson, AZ
August 24-26
 September 26-28
October 12-14
November 8-10

(Healthy snacks provided. Lunches & lodging on your own)

Click the link to register – 
you will be able to choose which dates to attend upon checkout.

Horse & Wisdom Insights


Do you wonder if Equine Assisted Coaching and or Equine Facilitation is the right career path for you?

This workshop offers the time 
to ‘explore’ this career 
path without a major 

Life Experience

Do you seek professional continuing education credits through an extraordinary life experience?

Both ONLINE and IN-Person workshops offers professional continuing education units for existing certified coaches!


Do you yearn for profound
insight into your own behavior?

Spend time with the herd and discover more about your own strengths and ‘super powers’ than years of talk coaching, books and seminars will ever provide!

Experience the magic

My first workshop with Equine Alchemy was absolutely transformative! I’m so thankful I said YES to this weekend! As hard as it was to step away from family and responsibility…, it was absolutely crucial for me to experience myself in a new way, and get amazing perspective and feedback from my coaches (and horses!). I now have a SOLID FRAMEWORK for relating to people and myself with presence, boundaries, communication and connection, all thanks to the #equinefacilitatedlearning model that has been enhanced by the incredibly warm, radiant and wise master coach, Lisa Murrell!
I highly recommend her workshops and programs if you feel like stepping into the best version of you!

Amanda Jones
TV Host, Feature Reporter at Fox 13's The PLACE, Amanda B. Jones

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