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Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul through an Equine Alchemy 
wellness retreat with horses.



Because they are preyed upon in nature, horses have maintained a highly developed ability to respond to their environment. Subtle changes and nuances that we may not be aware of can provoke behaviors in them that give us information about ourselves. They see you for you, and your unique soul--which is often different than what we show the world.


Partnering with a 1200 lb. horse for life coaching is an adventure in vulnerability.  While the equine partner works in the language of sensation -- what they feel from you -- the human coach supports you to understand what just happened with the horse, how to articulate the experience, mine its wisdom, and guides you in ways to integrate it into your life.


-  Recover your 'unique' soul's blueprint.
-  Practice how to engage in mutually respectful relationships with others. 
-  Discover how to use emotions as information. 
-  Simple, powerful techniques for enhancing physical, mental and emotional health. 
-  Tap into a vast storehouse of horse-inspired wisdom to enhance your life!

Join us for...

Path of the Modern Horsewoman

Cycles of Transformation 

A 3- Day Transformative Retreat with and on Horses!

August 1-3, 2024
Moose Creek Ranch --  Viktor, Idaho

Equine Alchemy’s ‘Path of the Modern Horsewoman’ will give you the clarity, confidence and courage to move your horsewoman journey to your 
next cycle of transformation. 

You’ll experience transformative experiences with horses, facilitated by globally recognized ICF Equine Life Coach and Elder Horsewoman, Lisa Murrell and 
New Generation Horsewoman, Francesca Weikert both on the ground and under saddle.

Who is a Horsewoman?

A woman who is a rider or driver of horses; especially one whose skill is exceptional.

A woman skilled in caring for or managing horses.

A woman associated with fertility, the land, and protecting horses and their owners.

A woman who remains wild and untamed.

What is it with women and horses???

Emotional Safety

Even though horses are strong and powerful, women feel safe, not only physically, but also emotionally in their interactions with them.

In an image- and media-driven world, being around horses is respite – they do not judge – and give women permission to be who they are deep inside.
Connection to the Self
Horses offer women a chance to step into and acknowledge their own power.

While generations of social conditioning have left women searching for their true purpose in life, interacting with horses reconnects them with a deeper part of themselves, one that has been covered up by family, societal and cultural obligations.

Evolution of power

Perhaps women are subconsciously drawn to horses at an early age because of the evolution of power over generations.

Men tend to use force to get and maintain power, thus there are very few models on how to use power in a healthy way to influence others, a way in which everyone benefits.

Interacting with horses allows girls and women to learn about the mature use of power, as modeled by horses. 

Alignment with human nature

As prey animals horses model a different use of power, one that is not predatorial and territorial.

Horses give women the chance to learn about using power in a way that is much more in alignment with the true nature of human beings.

This power is less about ‘me’ and when used in a mature way to influence others, becomes more about ‘we’, and ensures the safety and wellbeing of all group members.

Where are you on your Path of the Modern Horsewoman?


Are you still full of innocence and playfulness with horses?  Are you continually open to the magic of horses and their gifts of connection and your relationship with power?
Do you need to rekindle your secret powers of innocence?


Did you let horses go for this period? Are they still in your heart and soul but…too many other responsibilities to focus on what you may think, or others may tell you, those ‘childish things’?   

The lessons you’ve learned from horses as a maiden have taught you the power of giving, sharing and teaching...where should you focus these gifts for the greater good of all?


Between mother and crone, now is the time for you to reclaim your power! To rebirth and unleash that enigmatic spirit with which you were born. 

What better time to call to your friend the horse. Now it is the time to give back to the earth by integrating your experience and knowing, all while in motion with horse spirit -- your past behind you, acutely aware of savoring the moment, and embracing the present and creating your future.


The deep beauty of this spirit is often described as introspective, other-worldly. She is also said to be a teacher or guide who is aware of her surroundings and in touch with her own truth. 

The crone is said to approach life with a playful spirit and a sense of balance, and to be secure in herself and at peace. She is said to guide people through life's transitions and transformations, and to be a source of knowledge, courage, and direction. 

 Is it time to unleash the wise woman within and give back in your life?

What Horsewomen are Saying...

Maite Zcupper -- Belgium
Liz Cutting  -- Arizona
Gretchen Fox -- Texas

Equine Alchemy's 

Wellness Retreats with Horses

Path of the Horsewoman

Cycles of Transformation 
August 1-3, Victor, Idaho

Rediscover joy, find clarity, and gain courage to take your next steps on your path of the Horsewoman...

Path of the Modern Horsewoman
Cycles of Transformation
August 1-3, 2024

Equine Alchemy's mission is to support you in gaining clarity of purpose
 toward your true path in life through the healing power of horses.

 Transformative equine coaching sessions will empower you to get unstuck, find peace and create a joyful and purposeful life. This intimate group setting offers a supportive and transformative environment along with personal attention, camaraderie, and inspiration.

Globally recognized International Coach Federation Equine Coach, Lisa Murrell, specializes in helping people and horses heal from their past, get clear on where they are headed and find the courage to move forward in their lives. 

Her integration of  intuitive coaching with horse wisdom provides breakthroughs for everyone seeking joyous transformation. 

Lisa shares her healing journey with horses through all of the work she offers and now lives her life in service to raising the consciousness of the world through coaching and horses.

Lisa and horses together create and hold a safe space to gently hold the possibility for healing and moving forward. 

"Your work is so very sacred, full of love and belief.
Thank you, for your beautiful heart for people and horses,
and for the difference our work continues to make in my life."

Rebecca Crawley -- Private Equine Coaching Client

Retreat Includes...

  • The Moose Creek Ranch House is the largest Large enough to accommodate up to 12 people, and it's all ours for Double Occupancy
  • ​Single Occupancy Cabins or Glamping
  • One Breakfast ride by horseback 
  • Two full days of horse encounters including Equine Coaching
  • ​Welcome and Closing Ceremony
  • ​Personal attention, camaraderie and inspiration (12 adult women max.)

Book Your Retreat

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Rates and Details

  • 3 Nights, 4 Days
  • Limited to 12 adult women.
  • Ranch riding sold separately.
  • Single Occupancy $2500.00
  • ​Double Occupancy $2000.00
  • ​Commuter Rate $1500.00

Equine Alchemy's Sample Retreat Schedule

Day 1 (Wednesday)

4:00 PM

Arrival and check-in at Moose Creek Ranch

4:30PM-6:30 PM

Welcome Opening Ceremony 

6:30 PM

Social hour with cocktails

7:00 PM

Hosted group dinner 

Day 2 (Thursday)

7:00 AM


9:00 AM - NOON

Equine Coaching: Discover the healing power of horses to reconnect with your heart, purpose, and passion.


Modern Horsewoman Under Saddle and on the ground. Somatic Work.

6:30 PM

Social hour with cocktails 

7:00 PM

Dinner on your own

Day 3 (Friday)

7:00 AM


9:00 AM - NOON

Equine Coaching: Discover the healing power of horses to reconnect with your heart, purpose, and passion.


Modern Horsewoman Under Saddle.   Sound Healing and individual  Individual Cycle Coaching for the future.

6:30 PM

Social hour with cocktails 

7:00 PM

Dinner on your own

Day 4 (Saturday)

7:45 AM

Horseback Breakfast Ride -- Optional

11:00AM - 12:30 PM

Closing Ceremony: Reflect on personal takeaways with a renewed focus and clarity about who you are, what you desire, and how to create a positive future.

12:30 PM

Check out and good byes! 

Your Human Guides

I am happy to welcome one of my very special students, who is now successfully giving back through her Horsewoman journey.  Francesca Weikert will share the horse wisdom that has guided her to this point in her life.

 All of my students, mentors, and colleagues have helped me through very thin times to find my soul and 
stay on the path to nourish it lovingly.
Now you can benefit from her experience and wisdom as well.

Francesca Weikert

 Francesca was born in Munich, Germany and raised in both the Tetons and the Alps. 

Her experience and passions include the western and English riding disciplines, training horses, adaptive riding, and emotional & trauma informed healing through Equine Assisted Learning. 

She has gained extensive certifications with the Somatic Institute for Women, the Somatic Wilderness Institute, Equine Alchemy, and more. 

Francesca works with humans and horses of all ages and loves helping her clients experience their own innate sense of awe,
 wonder, and capability. 

Her focus lies in play based curriculums. nervous system regulation, consensual relating, and increasing safety and presence within the body.

Lisa Murrell

Founder Equine Alchemy, 
Conscious Reinvention Coach and Mindset Mentor Advanced Epona Instructor, PCC/ICF

"When I began my convoluted journey to Equine Alchemy I was exhausted from doing something I didn't love. But I couldn't figure out how to get off of the automatic money making merry-go-round.

When I reconnected with horses I found my purpose.
This path allowed me to see what I wasn't able to before...


 Lisa has worked globally to support executives/Fortune 500 companies for 25 years. She began Equine Alchemy and her ICF Approved Coach Certification Programming, Coaching Skills through Horse Wisdom to continue her coaching & leadership work to include horses.

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