Somatic Healing

with Horses

A 5-Day Retreat to Release Stress & Anxiety By Unlocking Your Body’s Intelligence

for Women to...

Experience and learn the
somatic practice of listening to your body so that you can give it the support it needs to navigate your life.
Equine Alchemy's Spring 2024 Retreat

March 18 - 22, 2024 

Patagonia, Arizona

If you find yourself suffering from anxiety, PTSD, trauma,
depression, insomnia, stress, or overwhelm…

Your body has already begun talking to you.
It's time to learn how to communicate with your body to…

Release the stuck energy and stress living within you.

This retreat is to encourage a lifelong dialogue between you and your body 
via a practice of listening to parts of your felt experience 
that you may never have realized were speaking.

What are Somatics?

Somatics describes any practice that uses the mind-body connection to help you survey your internal self, and listen to signals your body sends about areas of pain, discomfort, or imbalance.

These practices allow you to access more information about the ways you hold on to your experiences in your body. 

This knowledge, combined with natural movement and touch, can help you work toward healing and wellness.

The body doesn't speak through words, that's the mind.  The body speaks through Sensation...

We can talk about it, 
but the actual physical embodiment of a state
 is what helps us get in touch with ourselves;

 in a way that is so tactile and intimate,
that we begin to remember a language we forgot…

When you're used to living with stress and trauma, states of threat & constriction are familiar and go unnoticed.

The body speaks…

When we learn to relate to our trauma, anxiety, and stress, we are relating to a part of ourselves that believes we’re under attack, which can be
a very overwhelming experience.

Past events are still reverberating inside of your body, causing overwhelm and stress
in present situations.

It can be extremely emotional. It can be highly sensational. This 5-day experience is created
 to support you and teach this work
in a gentle way.

Hello, I’m Lisa Murrell...
and I’m here with the horses to reveal to you... a sensational, somatic language…

A language of release.

If you’re ready to build a foundation of safety in your body and in your life, you can uncover the actual capacity needed to self-regulate and bring yourself into safety from within —
I’m ready to meet you there.  

 I've raised a special needs child and lived through her addiction and near deaths for many years. 
These experiences along with my own childhood
trauma created a necessity for healing myself.   

I went to the horses ... and they changed my life.

They could sense the trauma stuck in my body and taught me how to find safety in myself through
listening to my body and transforming my
relationship with my trauma.

I want to share this transformation with you.

Just What is HORSE WISDOM?

Horses LIVE in the wisdom  of powerful states of somatic awareness ...  

Awareness of self, others, and the environment is the foundation of all horse wisdom.   
Energetic Agility 
Horses are masters at economy of motion, saving their energy for
action only when it is necessary. 
Engaged Patience
Quietly grazing horses  practice ‘an engaged form of patience’. It is an active way of holding the space for what wants to reveal itself.  
Horses live in the state of awareness, discernment and engaged patience enabling consistent and sustainable ‘right action’ that has kept them thriving among us for 55 million years.  
Absence of Judgement
Authenticity and acceptance are inherent for the equine.  No need to live in a grueling battle with self-esteem and worth in a world based on image and judgment;
of ourselves 
and each other. 
Living in the Present
There are many spiritual qualities associated with horses, but one of the most impactful is their ability to keep us in the Now...

“...that intensely alive state that is free of time, free of problems, free of thinking” Eckhart Tolle. 

"Even though I had done a lot of work on myself, this was a totally new way of approaching all those different wounds that I thought I had healed ... to be healed by the horses was profound healing, but in a very, very soft and gentle way."  Maite Zcupper, Belgium - Equine Alchemy Retreat 2023

Horse Interaction Gives Us Humans What We So Sorely Need ...

Examples of relating to our bodies ... in a herd,
with ourselves and each other…

The language for somatic healing individually …

The skills necessary for navigating our lives
 by listening to our bodies through …

The language of the body.
A Language of Sensation.

During these 5 days you will
Meet yourself on the path to…

Listen, Regulate, Integrate, & Begin To Resolve...

This 5-Day Retreat is designed to teach you how to relate to trauma and stress in small chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed, disassociate, or panic …

Somatic Experiencing

Learn to feel the sensation inside, relate to it, and release it.

Self Inquiry

A process of relating to the sensations and emotions inside of you so that you can become a friend to your body.

You will develop ‘the language of sensation’ in your own life
and learn to speak it innately and fluently.
This allows your body to become a brilliant compass as you
navigate decisions around your healing journey & your life.

You’ll be inspired by the stunning natural beauty surrounding you, the insights you gain from guided work, and the incredible women who are on the journey with you. You’ll walk away refreshed, with clear intention, and practical tools and insights to build your resilience.  And...if you wish, ride into the sunset!

Feel the vibe, enjoy the highlights from Reflections of the Soul through the
Eye of the Horse 2022!


Understand Trauma Somatically.

You will develop ‘the language of sensation’ in your own life and learn to speak it innately and fluently.

This allows your body to become a brilliant compass as you navigate decisions around your healing journey & your life.

Listen to your body & create a more loving relationship with yourself.

Feel into the experience of finding balance and safety within your own body. 

Learn how our thoughts & beliefs impact our physical bodies.

Through an active study of the mind-body connection, you will begin to recognize how to transform old triggers, uncouple stressful meaning-making from daily events, and build your capacity for joy and pleasure.
You will spend time learning how to notice when you’re co-regulating with the world around you, or co-dysregulating with it.

Learn and Practice Techniques to move
stuck trauma & stress in the body.

Begin using somatic practices to work with sensation in your body, and replace unhelpful patterns that ‘numb’ agitation with a life-serving body based toolkit.

"I came from central Europe for this retreat with Lisa...I don't know what I was completely amazing and really blew my mind. I had very important moments here.  It was experimenting and experiencing and really just owning all of me, a new perspective. It's another dimension of this work. I never experienced it anywhere else in the world. So thank you so much".
Natasa Kovolik, Budapest, Hungary

What You Will Learn from Our Time Together 
With and Without the Horses

Trauma doesn’t resolve in just 5 days - but the foundational steps you take during that time will serve your growth and healing forever.

Horses are magical and mystical. While humans will be guiding you, the horses will be the driving force and the ultimate space holders for our time together.

 The Biology Of Trauma & Safety

You will learn what happens in the body during a traumatic event.  We will also explore the biology, felt sense, and expressions of stored trauma as well as safety, survival and peace.

 How We Relate To Our Stress

Regulation is just another way to describe a relationship. Learning how we relate to our stress through devices, foods, and people begins to map out which rituals and habits of ours build our capacity & which numb us out and lower our capacity.

We learn the difference between co-regulation & co-dependence, as well as the innocence and sophistication of our coping mechanisms - as well as new ways to find safety and not just cope.

 Our Subconscious Bodies

We will explore how the body IS the subconscious. It holds meanings, thoughts, beliefs, and memories that are not conscious to our minds. These create a biology of stress & imbalance.

Learning how to use sensations as a doorway to the body allows us to directly communicate with our subconscious somatically without drudging painful experiences back up.

 Meaning Creates Our Biology

We learn how meaning becomes, both, an identity and a way of being.

We learn how to use triggers to our benefit, uncouple stressful meanings from daily events, and build our capacity for joy and pleasure.

 Self-Regulation: The Practice Of Self-Relating

After exploring the body and the mind, we will deepen our understanding of releasing trauma & stress from our bodies through specific exercises that prompt self-regulation; the experience of finding balance and safety within and from your own body is one that is, both, sustainable and truly life-changing.

 Private Coaching with Lisa -- (Optional)

To prepare for the best experience possible, you will have a private coaching session with Lisa to explore and clarify your intentions for the retreat.  This conversation will give you the clarity and support you need to experience the retreat to its fullest.  

Becoming a better version of you rarely happens in minutes…Lisa knows this and has planned an integration coaching session 2 weeks after the retreat.  While the horses do their work during the retreat, we humans need time to process!  We've got you covered!

 BirdSong Desert Retreat Accommodations

With gorgeous rolling hills and views that go on for miles, you will experience the pressures of the world fade away into the backdrop of the Birdsong Desert Retreat.

A picture of refined simplicity, the Birdsong Desert Retreat marries the luxury you crave with the comforts of home. Above all, whether you are coming to unplug and reconnect with yourself or experience the connection with nature, we have it all for you here in the high Sonoran desert grasslands near Patagonia, Arizona.

 Incredible Al Fresco Dining Experiences

Your Casitas at BirdSong will give you the opportunity to create your morning food ritual.  Our amazing chef, Anneliese, will provide scrumptious lunches plus Welcome and Celebration dinners al fresco, using only the freshest, quality ingredients to create the nutrition you need for deep personal work.

 Learning With and Without the Horses

You’ll experience a number of intimate, learning sessions with Lisa and guest facilitators and coaches with and without the horses designed to provide deep exploration and transformation.  Our coaches, both human and equine, support you to discover actionable, practical insights that you can apply in your day to day life.

 Safe Community for Transformation

Personal growth take courage. It takes trust and safety.  It takes a community of like hearted beings.  

Equine Alchemy and the horses opened up a portal within me that I never saw before... this portal let me know that it's safe to be vulnerable, in this group..."
– Liz C.

"It was so beautiful. I love the nonverbal communication. That's what I understand. And to watch some sentient being holding space without words is just unbelievable to find that in my life and has been a game changer." 
~Vickie B-S.  

 "Equine Alchemy and the horses opened up a portal within me that I never saw 
before...this portal let me know that it's safe to be vulnerable, in this group..." 
~ Liz C.

"It was so beautiful. I love the nonverbal communication. That's what I understand. And to watch some sentient being holding space without words is just unbelievable to find that in my life and has been a game changer." ~Vickie B-S.  

 Total Body Experiences

Finally turn down your overthinking mind, and cultivate more presence by exploring multiple included premium experiences, all created to help you cultivate more mindfulness, spaciousness and resilience. Some examples of these experiences include:

           Drum Circles - In this interactive welcome experience, we learn traditional rhythms. You can’t overthink and follow the beat, only when you release to the moment does it become fun!

           Daily guided Qigong and meditation - Start the day with guided movement and reflection.

           Daily guided Yoga and Meditation - Start the day with guided movement and reflection.

           Sound Healing - Reach deeper levels of inner calm and presence through a guided 
              meditation supported by the resonance and music of crystal singing bowls. Most retreat 
              participants have never experienced sound healing, but felt it was one of the highlights.

           Sound Healing - reach deeper levels of inner calm and presence through a guided meditation supported by the resonance and music of crystal singing bowls. Most retreat participants have never experienced sound healing, but felt it was one of the highlights of their experience.

           Shamanic Journeys - Enter the "spirit world" by effecting a transition of consciousness.  

Everything in this retreat is designed to give you
tools and practices to build your capacity to meet yourself
where you are and live each day fully

If you want to understand why you are the way you are,
join Lisa and the Horses and really dive into your own body. 

It's just such a beautiful connection to make. 

Lodging - Shared Casitas 



Lodging - Shared Casitas

Four payments of $750

We have a commuter price for those locals who would like to experience the workshop yet do not require lodging...
This is an inclusive retreat;
Lodging, breakfast, lunches, Welcome and Celebration dinners, daily workshops, yoga and meditation, horse activities, private coaching,
and the Arizona desert in winter.  

Your Human Guides

I am happy to welcome my own teachers, mentors, and colleagues to share their
wisdom that has guided me to this point in my life. 

They have helped me through very thin times to find my soul, heal my trauma,
and stay on the path to nourish it lovingly.

Now you can benefit from their experience and wisdom as well.

Kathleen Barry Ingram

 MA in Counseling Psychology, Certified Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, Board Certified Coach

Kathleen co-created, developed and implemented the Epona Apprenticeship program. Today she takes her experiences in counseling and EFL worldwide engaging horses and people through balancing and integrating science, spirituality, wisdom and psychology.

 Kathleen will be guiding us into deepening our connection with our Head, Heart and Hara.  

Lisa Murrell

Founder Equine Alchemy, Advanced Epona Instructor, PCC/ICF

Lisa has worked globally to support executives/Fortune 500 companies for 25 years. She began Equine Alchemy and her ICF Approved Coach Certification Programming, Coaching Skills through Horse Wisdom to continue her coaching & leadership work to include horses.

Lisa loves helping people like you make your sacred path and ambition successful and a gift for the rest of us.

Christa Hendrick

Equine Alchemy Graduate, ACC
(International Coaching Federation)

Christa has worked for 11 years as an equine assisted life coach in the mental health field.

In partnership with horses she helps individuals recognize the value of living (and breathing) in the present moment, maintaining healthy boundaries and communicating with honesty and clarity.

“Horses gave me back my life; I am forever indebted to them.”

Eve B. Lee

Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Advanced Epona Instructor, Reiiki Master

Eve is a healer and "innovator," assisting transitions that maintain or restore health, harmony and balance in times that demand change. With the Horse Ancestors as her guides, she leads retreats, drumming circles, and individual healing and divination sessions integrating the sacred teachings of the Toltec “Path to Freedom,”

Eve will be our guide to journey through the eye of the horse and accessing our power for healing and divination.

TC Chicago

Sound Healer and Breath Coach

We have a subtle energy from the Creator running through us giving us life. This energy gets trapped or stuck at times causing us distress or dis-ease.

Using the skills she has acquired over the years, TC assists clients in removing that trapped energy, releasing emotional as well as physical pain and suffering.

"It is my honor to be on this path assisting
you in your walk."

Alyse Hart

Speaker, Author and Qigong Instructor

Alyse is dedicated to helping individuals boost mojo (energy & productivity), while also remaining calm (life balance & lowered stress).

She uses natural wellness practices that draw upon ancient tools and techniques, such as meditation, art, breath work, and Qi Gong. 

Instead of being driven to distraction externally, Alyse guides us to learn to go within for stability, grounding and to recycle our energy

Dr. Valerie Rein, Ph.D

Women’s mental health expert. Author,
Patriarchy Stress Disorder

Dr. Rein specializes in uncovering 
hidden intergenerational, collective, and personal traumas that hold hostage people's best work, relationships, and wellbeing, 

Liz Cutting

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, Equine Alchemy graduate and ICF certified associate life coach

Each morning Liz will be guiding us in practicing gentle breath-based Hatha yoga. and meditation, continuing our transformational journey through the body.

Day 1

“I am filled with joy and love for you and your program!

I just really feel like you are an angel sent down from the heavens to teach me (and many other lucky souls) all sorts of incredible and intense lessons.  

I love who I am becoming through my personal work with you. Thank you so much for all of your guidance.”

 ~ Janine Oates Almquist, 
Equine Alchemy Coach Graduate

Isn't it time for you to Find Safety Within
through Listening to Your Body?
Join us for the Retreat!

Lodging - Shared and Private Casitas 



Three payments of $750

We have a commuter price for those locals who would like to experience the workshop yet do not require lodging...

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